Homeless Youth Services

Volunteers of America Utah provides several programs for young adults transitioning out of homelessness.

Youth Resource Center

The Youth Resource Center provides meals, emergency shelter, case management, and support for homeless and at-risk teens ages 15-22.

Young Women's Transitional Home

A residential program for young women ages 16-19 that provides structure and support, allowing the girls to overcome homelessness and reach their full potential.

Young Men's Transitional Home

The Young Men's Transition Home provides a path from the street to self-sufficiency, so young men ages 18-24 experiencing homelessness don’t become homeless adults.

Food Resources

Food Support supplied directly to district families by Salt Lake Education Foundation is limited to emergency gift cards. Through partnerships and relationships with other service providers, we have the following options available:

Emergency Gift Cards:

Gift cards can be requested from a button on the district website Family Support subpage of the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Development Office page.

Utah Community Action:

Utah Community Action’s mission is to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities through self-sufficiency and education programs.

Utah Food Bank:

Utah Food Bank serves our district with mobile food pantry visits to designated schools and food pantries at other schools.

Crossroads Urban Center:

Crossroads’ Emergency Food Pantry distributes boxes that supply three days worth of food to hungry individuals. We specialize in supporting infant needs with formula, diapers and baby food.

Shelter Resources

Habitat for Humanity Restore:

Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a retail outlet where quality used furniture is available to those in need.

Utah Community Action:

Utah Community Action’s mission is to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities through self-sufficiency and education programs.

Clothing Resources

Salt Lake Education Foundation has partnerships that allow us to reach more students in need of clothing. emergency gift cards.

Deseret Industry Vouchers:

Vouchers can be requested from a button on the district website Family Support sub-page of the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Development Office page.

Operation School Bell:

Operation School Bell has outfitted almost 100,000 of these children since its initiation in 1976.

Crossroads Thrift Stores:

Vouchers can be issued by Family Support and exchanged for clothing and household essentials at the Store at no cost. Items are also offered at nominal prices to those without referrals or in need of other goods.

Emergency Gift Cards:

Gift cards to Walmart and Payless shoes can be requested from a button on the district website Family Support sub-page of the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Development Office page.

Medical Resources

Though our district hosts three medical clinics, they are run independently and families are required to pay for most services. They all accept some forms of insurance and also have a sliding fee scale for those who are uninsured.

Intermountain Healthcare School and Community Clinics

Intermountain operates community clinics to improve health in underserved populations. For more information click on the link above.

Community Health Centers Neighborhood Clinic

Located at the Glendale Community Learning Center. For appointments contact: 801-955-2360

Intermountain Healthcare Neighborhood Clinic

Located at the Rose Park Community Learning Center. For appointments contact: 801-408-8626

Pamela Atkinson Clinic at Liberty Elementary School

Located at the Liberty Community Learning Center. For appointments contact: 801-408-3585

SLCSD Audiologist:

MaryLou Reitz 801-481-4934

Apply for Medicaid

Vision Resourcees

The foundation, in connection with Student Services and district nurses, provides a number of options for students in need of glasses. Qualifying families can be provided a Vision Service Plan (VSP) voucher. Families who do not qualify can use school-based vision clinics supported by our partnership with Friends for Sight.

Health Services Secretary

Jade Hook: 801-578-8684 Jade.Hook@slcschools.org

Vision Screening

Students are screened by the district nurses and supporting volunteers. The parents/guardians of students who fail the vision screenings will be notified in writing. Students who miss school screenings may request an individual screening through the school nurse or Health Services secretary

Repair/Replacement of Glasses

Qualifying students may only receive new glasses if:

  • The district has access to the student's most recent prescription
  • It has been six months since the district provided the student with free glasses

Vision Exam Vouchers

VSP Qualifications

  • Family income is no more than 200% of the federal poverty level
  • Child is not enrolled in Medicaid or other vision insurance
  • Child is 19 years old or younger and has not graduated form high school
  • Child or parent is a US citizen or legal immigrant with a social security number
  • Child has not used this program during the past 12 months

Glasses Replacement Procedures

  • A parent or guardian must complete the application before arriving at the screening clinic (forms can be requested from the Health Services secretary)
  • The student must come to one of the Friends for Sight clinics during clinic or screening times with their prescription and try on new frames
  • Minor repairs can also be attempted at these times if students bring their broken glasses to the clinic.
  • Call Friends for Sight prior to arriving to ensure a screener is available to assist with new glasses 801-524-2020

Vision Exam Appointments - Friends for Sight Vision Clinics (located at the Glendale and Liberty Community Learning Center

Students who do not qualify for a VSP voucher can request a Friends for Sight permission form from Health Services secretary. To be placed on the schedule, the parent/guardian must complete an application and permission form. Once completed, forms are returned to the Health Services secretary. Counselors will be informed of the appointment time. Exams are by appointment only; we do not offer walk-in exam services.

Vision Prescriptions are only valid for one year

Dental Resources

Through partnerships with the University of Utah School of Dentistry and the Utah Department of Health Family Dental Plan, the district is able to provide many schools with dental sealants, fluoride washes and oral health education. These services help identify students in need of additional care. There are a variety of different options to help students access this care. Contact Liz Young at Liz.Young@slcschools.org for assistance in choosing the best option for each student.

Salt Lake Donated Dental

Mission: To relieve dental pain an suffering while preserving oral health through preventative education and comprehensive treatment for those with no other access to dental care.
Discounted Services: 801-972-2747
Information Line: 801-983-2747

Family Dental Plan

Family Dental Plan (FDP) consists of three dental clinics and a mobile clinic operation which can be taken to various community locations throughout the state of Utah. Clinics are located in Salt Lake City and Ogden. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, high quality dental services in a patient friendly environment for patients on Medicaid, PCN, CHIP, PEHP, and the uninsured on a fee-for-service (reduced rates) basis.
For Appointments Contact: 801-715-3400

University of Utah School of Dentistry

Accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid. If you do not have dental insurance or if you'd like to pay out-of-pocket, you can see a dental resident or dental student at a reduced price. You'll pay less money for dental services depending on the type of provider you see.
Alexis Lopez: 801-585-7623
Pam Malbasic: 801-587-2010

Assistance League Salt Lake City - Operation Healthy Teeth

Diseased teeth and gums are Utah children's #1 health issue. To help address this crisis, Assistance League established Operation Healthy Teeth – a program that provides urgent dental treatment for vulnerable children in the Salt Lake area. Schools, qualified agencies and dental professionals may refer children to the program. To be eligible, a child may not have public or private dental insurance or be enrolled in another charitable dental program.
Sherryl Boyd: shn667@yahoo.com

Mental Health Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

In Addition to district counselors, there are local organizations that have specialized programs to meet the mental health needs of students.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Family Counseling Center

The Family Counseling Center, operated by Volunteers of America, Utah, is the only organization of its kind dedicated to assisting low-income families through its “Community Cares” program.
For Appointments: 801-261-3500

Valley Behavioral Health

At Volunteers of America -- Utah, our mission is to uplift all people everywhere. VOA's Cornerstone Counseling Center was established in 1968 as one of the earliest community mental health clinics in Utah. Since then, VOA has been committed to providing high quality behavioral health services to vulnerable individuals and families in our community who might not be able to afford this type of care.
For Appointments: 888-949-4864

Volunteers of America (VOA) Cornerstone Counseling

Valley Behavioral Health is a nonprofit network of clinics providing treatment for behavioral conditions, addictions, psychiatric conditions, autism and other chronic health conditions. We treat chronic lifelong conditions as well as temporary conditions triggered by traumatic life events. Our programs are tailored to people of all ages and every social, cultural and economic situation.
For Appointments: 801-355-2846

Odyssey House

Odyssey House offers all levels of care for addiction and mental health. Click on the heading above to learn more.
For Appointments: 801-322-3222

Latino Behavioral Health Services

LBHS is a nonprofit, grassroots organization created to minimize the disparities in access to mental health services among the underserved Latino population of Utah. As a peer run organization, Latino Behavioral Health Services exists to enhance the mental health awareness and well-being of people with mental illness, their care-givers and loved ones through support, education, empowerment, facilitation of resources and services with competent responsiveness to cultural, socio-economic and linguistics characteristics.
Contact: 801-935-4447

Grief Counseling

The Sharing Place

The Sharing Place provides grief support to children 3-18 and their parents. Support groups are organized by age as well a situation. Each family member is placed in a group that will best meet their individual needs.
For Appointments: 801-466-6730

Parenting Support, Education, Crisis Nursery

The Family Support Center

  • FREE 24/7 care for children through our Crisis Nursery for parents who are overwhelmed
  • FREE in-home parenting support through our Family Mentoring Program
  • Housing and self-sufficiency program for homeless parents and their children through the LifeStart Village
  • FREE and low-cost community classes on parenting, family blending, and anger management
  • Low-cost individual and family counseling. And much more!
  • More Information: 801-955-9110

Crisis Consultation and Support

Salt Lake County Division of Youth Services

Mission: To provide children, youth and families in crisis with immediate safety, shelter and support. Over the years organization has expanded to include shelter care for youth from birth to age 18, counseling, substance abuse and mental health services, afterschool programs, job training skills, around the clock availability and crisis therapy and extended services for young adult’s ages 18-22
Main Office: 385-468-4500

University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI)

UNI’s mental and behavioral health services offer patient-centered care to treat all aspects of the individual—biological, psychological, social, and spiritual—elements essential to achieving balance in mental health. We aim to challenge and change the stigmas surrounding mental illness through compassionate care, collaborative research, and community involvement.
CRISIS LINE: 801-587-3000

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT)

  • Triaged through the CrisisLine, UNI MCOT provides free, prompt, face-to-face response to any resident of Salt Lake County who is experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
  • Youth and adult services teams are available 24/7 and offer consultation and support to individuals, families, schools, treatment providers and first responders.
  • Follow up services provide on-going support, including referrals to health care providers and community-based mental health services.
  • CRISIS LINE: 801-587-3000

About our School

East High School is a rigorous and diverse public school of 2,000 students. Approximately 64% of the student body is living below the poverty line (including 85 homeless students). The East High Student and Family Support Initiative was created in 2016 to assist these students. We evaluate and fulfill the unique needs of each student, to assure that they have their basic needs met. This includes some dental and vision assistance. At East we feel that if the student is not worrying about pain, food, clothing, and cleanliness, they will be better able to thrive in school and in life.

To that end, the Leopard Stash (food pantry) provides healthy snacks and meal making materials for students and their families. The Stash is open before and after school each day. The Leopard Boutique is our own "clothing store" where students and families find new and gently used clothing, shoes and jackets. The newly completed Leopard Washrooms provide a clean and safe place for our homeless and vulnerable students to wash clothing, shower and prepare for their school day. The Washrooms are stocked with items for the student and their family, including new underwear, socks, towels and every possible shower/bathroom product needed. We hope, with support from donors, to soon facilitate scholarship offerings, work internships and summer jobs for hardworking students that need a little extra help during tough times.

All of these services are provided free of charge to any of our students and their families. These programs are supported 100% through in-kind gifts and cash, generously donated by East High students, families, PTA and an amazing community of individuals and companies who LOVE EAST and want to help each student succeed!.